Our cattery is fully licensed by the local authority and all cats are insured during their stay at Brizlincoat Cattery. You can breathe easy knowing that our trained staff will ensure your cat is cared for in our cattery.

Located close to Birmingham Airport, we serve customers across the West Midlands and surrounding areas. Contact us for more information on our range of boarding cattery facilities.

Add on services for your feline companion

Our chalets are individual or family-sized (up to 4 cats) and centrally heated. All chalets have individual runs and plenty of entertainment and places to explore to keep your cats happy. Caring for up to 44 cats at one time over the years, has meant that we have expanded our service to ensure our cats get everything they need, including a special grooming service, claw clipping and the availability of a vet at all times.

Our chalet records keep track of your cat
We keep records in each chalet to ensure the highest standard of care for each of our charges. We record the details of the cat, the owner’s details including emergency contact details, vet details and a signed authorisation for veterinary treatment. We also list the personal requirements of the cat, a list of items brought from home and past medical history.

There is a separate sheet for the current health status of the cat, and if the cat is on medication, we then add a separate sheet which records details of type of medication, what it is for, dosage and administration of drugs. Also included is a chart which records daily behaviour, any concerns and details of any recent illnesses or causes for concern.

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