Our cat chalets are designed to give your cat the space it needs, whilst keeping them entertained and stimulated. When it comes to friendly cat accommodation, choose Brizlincoat Cattery. Situated close to Birmingham Airport, we serve customers across the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

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Individual and family chalets

The maximum number of cats boarded is 44. This ensures all cats are given individual treatment to make their stay as pleasant as possible. All the chalets have an outside shelf, indoor shelf, window, scratching post, bed and litter tray (hooded and unhooded, depending on the type the cat uses at home). In addition, every chalet that we have is heated. We never house cats together that are not part of a family household, so your cat will not have the stress or strains of having to meet unfamiliar cats in a stressful situation.

To help your cat settle in, we encourage owners to bring bedding from home, as this settles the cat much quicker as it is familiar, but we always make sure the cat has some type of fleecy bedding. It has been proven that cats prefer materials which maintain a constant temperature. We use pheromones in the form of Feliway plug-ins or Feliway spray to help ease your cat’s transition to new accommodation.

To create the feeling of a home away from home for your cat, we offer the same diet they eat at home, as well as plenty of space to run and play. Don’t worry if you’ve got a family of cats, as we have the space to keep them together.

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