Help your kitten settle into its new home! Choose Brizlincoat Cattery to provide you with advice on how you can look after your kitten.

Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your cat’s requirements. You can count on us to take care of your cat whilst you’re away. Situated close to Birmingham Airport, we are happy to serve customers throughout the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

Caring for your kitten for life!

Taking your new kitten home:
Transport the kitten in a purpose-built carrier; cardboard carriers are of very little use as kittens and cats can easily escape from them. It is most unwise to transport a kitten loose in the car as, should there be an accident, the kitten could easily bolt in terror. It should also be considered that a wriggly kitten, unsure of its surroundings, could flee.

Once you have your kitten home, spend time interacting with them and provide plenty of toys. These toys provide an essential hunting aspect to life, which indoor cats are deprived of. Now that you have the responsibility of a kitten, you will need to register with a local vet. To keep your kitten healthy and happy it is essential that it receives the very best nutrition available and this is important for the duration of his life.

Caring for your kitten:
Feeding your cat is only a part of life care; cats also benefit from grooming. Cats should be groomed daily; grooming should be fun and an enjoyable experience. Always be aware of the safety of your cat. Should you let your cat out, never let it remain out at night, as a cat is at its most vulnerable in the dark.
Your cat can have a healthy relationship with you if you provide your feline friend with:

  • Good nutrition
  • Regular grooming
  • Annual vet check-ups
  • Spend quality time interacting with your cat

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