At Brizlincoat Cattery, we have 35 years’ experience of breeding Somali cats. If you meet very strict criteria then we sometimes have Somail kittens available. As members of the Somali Cat Club we are more than happy to offer expert advice on the breed. Call Brizlincoat Cattery to find out more

Located close to Birmingham Airport, we serve customers across the West Midlands and surrounding areas. Contact us for more information on our range of boarding cattery facilities.

Somali cat breeders in Birmingham

We are breeders of Somali cats and the owner of the cattery, Dianne Taylor, has written a book about the best way to look after and breed Somali cats. As a result, we sometimes have beautiful Somali kittens available to loving homes, so please call us to enquire.

Located close to Birmingham Airport, we provide our cat breeding and cattery services for customers throughout the West Midlands and the South West of England.

Characteristics of the Somali cat:

  • The Somali, often described as a long-haired Abyssinian is a moderate-sized cat with a bushy fox tail
  • These athletic, playful cats are a great companion for children
  • They require regular grooming to keep their coats in good condition
  • They are quiet cats with soft voices
  • Somalis love to have a close relationship with their owners
  • Somalis are adaptable but also require a lot of attention to keep them happy

To see more images of our cattery go to our gallery

To see more images of our cattery go to our gallery