Brizlincoat Cattery is not just another boarding service. We will help you look after your cats at all times. We understand that no two cats are the same. That’s why our team of passionate cat lovers will provide you with expert advice on how you can care for your cat.

Situated close to Birmingham Airport, we are happy to serve customers across the West Midlands and surrounding areas. Call us today.

Give your cat all the attention it deserves!

As an expert breeder and cattery owner for 35 years, Dianne Taylor is always willing to help new cat owners. We offer specific advice on looking after kittens and young cats as well as tips on looking after elderly cats. We are also available to give advice on cat behavioural problems. Take advantage of our experience as cat owners, so that your cat has the best world they can have!

From your cat’s dietary requirements to vaccinations, we can help you take care of your feline friend. We aim to help people improve their understanding of cats.