We understand that your feline friend needs extra attention and love as they age. At Brizlincoat Cattery, we go the extra mile to provide the care and compassion that your elderly cat deserves. Our elderly cat friendly accommodation is located close to Birmingham Airport.

Call us to book an appointment. We provide general care of older cats at our local cattery based in Birmingham.

Providing complete home care for elderly cats

Elderly cats even if they appear to be healthy, need to be monitored closely as their immune systems are not as good as with a younger cat, and so they are more susceptible to disease. Older cats like change even less and may be irritable at being removed from their familiar surroundings. They require small feeds and often revert back to a kitten style routine of 4 meals a day. With old age, they are not as agile and may have stiffening of the joints. As a cat advances in years, there will inevitably be some changes to their lifestyle. Exercise will diminish and it will be necessary for the owner to keep a careful watch on the length of the claws; these will need trimming. Bladder control may weaken and therefore it is best to have litter trays easily accessible in more than one room. Your cat will require more warmth and will sleep for longer periods.

Health conditions affecting elderly cats:

  • Elderly cats with diabetes mellitus need special care and monitoring over their food, insulin and water intake
  • Diabetic cats are prone to other complications including vomiting, diarrhoea, panting, loss of appetite, dehydration or total collapse, where emergency treatment is required
  • Arthritis is common which causes pain in joints and your cat will require medication to relieve the pain
  • Kidney disease or chronic renal failure can prove fatal
  • If the cat coat starts thinning, it could be down to hyperthyroidism

Consult a vet if your cat is unwell and if you require further advice.

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