We understand that environment plays a big part in helping cats to enjoy their time at Brizlincoat Cattery. You can rely on us to provide colourful cat toys, so that your feline friend enjoys hours of entertainment.

Call us to book a stay for your cat at our cattery. Located close to Birmingham Airport, we serve customers across the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

Playtime for your cats

In addition to places to explore within your cat’s chalet itself, we also provide extra activities and entertainment for our guests to enjoy. For example, our scratching posts have an area included where the cat can hide and all our chalets have an assortment of balls and mice, which are disinfected between occupants. We also have sun catcher spinners suspended from the roof, which reflect the light and spin, as well as some suspended mobiles of birds with feathers. What cat wouldn’t have the time of their lives playing in one of our chalets?

We also have tunnels within our runs, so that our cats can always discover something new. These are disinfected between occupants and we have a number of plastic balls which food can be hidden in, and when the ball moves the treats roll out.

Interaction with personal carers is paramount

The staff interact with the cats with structured play, using fishing rod style toys. They also interact with them by handling and grooming. Each cat has a member of staff who is their designated carer. They spend quality time with your cat as we know that human interaction can stimulate a cat and relieve stress and boredom. We also have music and the radio on, so that our cats can boogie along to their favourite artists.

Those cats who have a feline companion can share their accommodation, and if they live happily together in the home, they will share grooming, play, allow rubbing and have close physical contact whilst resting and sleeping.

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